April 4, 2008

To: The Campus Community
Re: WASC Accreditation Steering Committee


We are embarking on the next accreditation review of UC Santa Barbara by  the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The first step  is to establish a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will help  the campus submit a proposal to WASC (15 pages plus appendices) which  sets out UCSB's plan for a two-stage review, with two site visits in  2011 and 2013. The proposal, to be submitted by calendar year’s end, is  prepared by the Steering Committee following consultation with the  campus. We have consulted the Senate and the campus about membership of  the Committee. Ronald Tobin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of  Academic Programs, and Bruce Tiffney, Dean of the College of Creative  Studies, have graciously agreed to co-chair the Steering Committee. The  membership is listed below.

Expectations for the proposal are that: 1) the proposal will represent a  preliminary self-review in relation to the WASC Standards of  Accreditation; 2) a broadly participatory process will identify key  issues to explore during the accreditation process; 3) these issues will  be tied to student learning and "organizational learning;" and 4) the  institution will be committed to addressing the issues and will  demonstrate an effective work plan to do so.

I want to thank the Steering Committee members for the time and effort  they have committed to this process, and to invite you to provide your  support and advice in their efforts.




Gene Lucas

Executive Vice Chancellor

WASC Steering Committee Membership

Ronald Tobin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Academic Programs  (co-chair)

Bruce Tiffney, Dean, College of Creative Studies (co-chair)

Patricia Cline Cohen, Professor, History

Hua Lee, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ingrid Banks, Associate Professor, Black Studies

Omer Blaes, Professor, Physics

Denise Segura, Professor, Sociology

Gale Morrison, Dean, Graduate Division

Mary Jacob, Director, Office of International Students and Scholars

Margie Weeks, Director Academic Program Review

Toby Lazarowitz, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor

GSA representative (TBD)

AS representative (TBD)