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Mission Statement

The Executive Vice Chancellor is the chief academic officer of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, in consultation with the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate, has oversight for academic planning and programming, the development and implementation of academic policy, and the academic personnel process. The office has responsibility for all academic units, on and off-campus instructional activities, and instructional support programs. It maintains formal liaison with the Office of the President.

UCSB is enormously proud of the national and international recognition, a credit to its outstanding faculty, students, research and instructional programs. The Executive Vice Chancellor is committed to working with all of the UCSB constituents to chart a strategic path that positions UCSB as one of the nation's top research universities in the 21st century; one that emphasizes our commitment to the highest quality of teaching, research, public service, outreach, and the pursuit of excellence and diversity.

Executive Vice Chancellor

David Marshall

David Marshall
Executive Vice Chancellor
Professor of English and Comparative Literature

(805) 893-2785
5105 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • A Market-Based Approach

    In the early 1900s, New York City began paying for land management in the Catskills watershed to ensure safe drinking water for the city, avoiding the cost of b…

  • Reducing Collateral Damage

    Healthier fish stocks. Higher catches. Profits from fishing. Is there a way to achieve these holy grails of commercial fisheries without harming endangered spec…

  • Remembering Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking, who died Mar. 14 — Albert Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day — had a brilliant mind and a puckish sense of humor. Gary Horowitz experienced it firs…

  • A Meeting of the Science Minds

    Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University (front) joined some of the world’s leading physicists who came together at UCSB in 2001. Among others were, back, left t…

  • Saving Lives

    Last year, 81 million people worldwide experienced severe food insecurity. About 80 percent of them live in Africa. While much of that food insecurity relates t…

  • A Lesson from Darwin

    When British naturalist Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands in 1835, he took notice of the giant kelp forests ringing the islands. He believed that…

  • ‘Working for Women’

    The wide range of issues women face in the working world — from equal pay to attitudes about motherhood to the question of whether surrogate mothers should be c…

  • Shrinking SWaP

    If the parts in a satellite, a drone or other specialized device are large in size, weight and power consumption — in other words, if their SWaP is high — the d…


    Manuel Larach wants to build molecules — the kind that might cure a disease, or revolutionize medicine. The UC Davis student, who is about to complete his bache…

  • Glass Matters

    Better known as glass, silica is a versatile material used in myriad industrial processes, from catalysis and filtration, to chromatography and nanofabrication.…

  • A Credible Proposition

    It’s hard to escape fake news these days. Bogus information passed off as authoritative media seems ubiquitous, especially in politics. One of its consequences…

  • The Full Spectrum

    A hallmark of jazz is the way it both absorbs and reflects the sounds and styles of places, attitudes and times in which it is played. So diverse, yet all disti…

  • A Building Scholar

    As an architect who shifted career paths and sought to study buildings and spaces rather than design them, Swati Chattopadhyay looks at architecture in a broade…

  • The Global Hunt for Jobs

    During the 2016 presidential election, then-Republican candidate Donald Trump vowed repeatedly to return to the United States — after decades of steep losses —…

  • Wired for Sound

    Meet ROVER. If you’re lucky — and trigger its heat sensors — it’ll roll up to you and sing a song. This friendly robot is the creation of Hannah Wolfe, a gradua…

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