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Mission Statement

The Executive Vice Chancellor is the chief academic officer of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, in consultation with the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate, has oversight for academic planning and programming, the development and implementation of academic policy, and the academic personnel process. The office has responsibility for all academic units, on and off-campus instructional activities, and instructional support programs. It maintains formal liaison with the Office of the President.

UCSB is enormously proud of the national and international recognition, a credit to its outstanding faculty, students, research and instructional programs. The Executive Vice Chancellor is committed to working with all of the UCSB constituents to chart a strategic path that positions UCSB as one of the nation's top research universities in the 21st century; one that emphasizes our commitment to the highest quality of teaching, research, public service, outreach, and the pursuit of excellence and diversity.

Executive Vice Chancellor

David Marshall

David Marshall
Executive Vice Chancellor
Professor of English and Comparative Literature

(805) 893-2785
5105 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

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    Francisco Lomelí is one of the busiest men in Spanish publishing at the moment. The professor of Chicano and Chicana Studies and of Spanish and Portuguese at UC…

  • A Leap for 3-D Printing

    When the Space Shuttle hit the Earth’s atmosphere on its return trip from the cosmos, it was traveling at 17,000 miles per hour— 25 times the speed of sound. We…

  • A Musical Triumph

    The musical talent of seven UCSB graduate students has earned them top honors in the 2017 Santa Barbara Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation (PASF) competitio…

  • Gaucho Strong

    Remembrance, reflection and continued healing. Those are the aims of several events happening on and around the campus in May, when blue LEDs will light Isla Vi…

  • Star Power

    At first glance, Botryllus schlosseri is pretty nondescript. The small, transparent marine organism, abundant along California’s coast, spends its life colonizi…

  • Voices Carry

    In compelling video vignettes, UC Santa Barbara students describe how they pay for tuition, rent and bills by tolerating low-paying jobs — even when encounterin…

  • Central America on Screen

    During his time at UC Santa Barbara, undergraduate Oscar Dominguez has taken to heart the concept of community service. His great passion, as he has described i…

  • Show Me the Money

    Financing the health of the Santa Barbara community was the big topic at the UCSB Economic Forecast Project’s (EFP) North County Economic Summit as leaders of l…

  • Fast & Curious

    Eight minutes. That’s how long each of six UC Santa Barbara faculty members will have to discuss his or her research and how it is shaping education. The event…

  • 'Mobile Hollywood'

    Picture a Hollywood movie set. What do you see? Probably a soundstage with all the trimmings: giant klieg lights, expensive cameras and hundreds of people — all…

  • Re-habituation

    Their work lives between the virtual and the actual, the real and the possible. And it will be on display in “Re-habituation,” the year-end show presented by th…

  • A Tale of Two Sites

    Talk about stressed out. Cauliflower coral larvae are feeling the heat — literally. At least they were when UC Santa Barbara marine scientists exposed them to w…

  • The Beloved Community

    The aim: To build a collective understanding of Isla Vista and nurture a commitment to the community itself. The means to make it happen: A broad cross-section…

  • A Moving Experience

    The United States hadn’t seen a gathering like it since 1876. Beginning in April 2016, thousands of indigenous people and their allies camped on the prairie at…

  • An Orchestrated Process

    Nothing beats nature. The diverse and wonderful varieties of cells and tissues that comprise the human body are evidence of that. Each one of us starts out as a…

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