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Mission Statement

The Executive Vice Chancellor is the chief academic officer of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, in consultation with the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate, has oversight for academic planning and programming, the development and implementation of academic policy, and the academic personnel process. The office has responsibility for all academic units, on and off-campus instructional activities, and instructional support programs. It maintains formal liaison with the Office of the President.

UCSB is enormously proud of the national and international recognition, a credit to its outstanding faculty, students, research and instructional programs. The Executive Vice Chancellor is committed to working with all of the UCSB constituents to chart a strategic path that positions UCSB as one of the nation's top research universities in the 21st century; one that emphasizes our commitment to the highest quality of teaching, research, public service, outreach, and the pursuit of excellence and diversity.

Executive Vice Chancellor

David Marshall

David Marshall
Executive Vice Chancellor
Professor of English and Comparative Literature

(805) 893-2785
5105 Cheadle Hall

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UCSB in the News

  • A Hefty WIMP Detector

    (Santa Barbara, Calif.) — There’s a big hole in our current understanding of what makes up the universe. Normal matter — the stuff in people, planets and pulsar…

  • ‘Teaching Tolerance’

    For U.S. history teachers around the country, the problem of how to integrate the complex themes of LGBTQ history into the curriculum just got a little easier.…

  • Ancient African Ground

    To geologists, Earth’s early history is somewhat of a black box. Volcanoes, magma seas and meteorite impacts defined our planet’s surface from its formation, 4.…

  • An Author of Distinction

    Tim Z. Hernández, an award-winning author and poet and an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Texas, El Paso, will receive UC Santa Bar…

  • True Sanctuary

    When they first set out to follow grey reef sharks around the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), Darcy Bradley and her colleagues intended to survey their…

  • A Surprise in the Columbine Genome

    Columbines’ vivid colors and iconic spurs make them a welcome sight in gardens and mountain meadows across the northern hemisphere. For decades the pretty flowe…

  • ‘Nuestras Américas’ — Our Americas

    In the silkscreen print “Rio Por No Llorar” (“I Laugh to Keep from Crying”), Carmen Miranda’s famous fruit-laden headdress demands that you look more closely. B…

  • Grow On, Now

    Many hands working together. That’s the translation, and the spirit, of the Hawaiian word laulima. And it was laulima that two prominent Hawai'i residents — Kim…

  • New Additions

    Bringing an infusion of keen business acumen, philanthropic vision and enthusiasm for UC Santa Barbara, four new trustees have been elected to the UC Santa Barb…

  • Equity in Energy

    As part of a yearlong examination of the all-encompassing topic of energy justice, UC Santa Barbara’s Mellon Sawyer Seminar will present events throughout the f…

  • Conflict Coaching

    Winter, spring, summer or fall. For faculty, staff and students, even parents of students. Confidential, informal, impartial, independent. Meet one of the most…

  • China’s 1911 Revolution

    More than a century ago and nearly four decades before the 1949 Communist Revolution, another revolution in China altered the nation’s political and cultural la…

  • Citizenship Infrastructure

    Citizenship is most often discussed as a question of legal status within a framework of rights and occasional duties. UC Santa Barbara’s 2018 Critical Issues in…

  • Investigating Team Networks

    In the office, the lab and the field, teams are now the basic unit of productivity. Work has become complex enough to require a wide variety of skills and exper…

  • ‘The Best We Could Do’

    It’s been described as “a book to break your heart and heal it.” This is “The Best We Could Do,” by artist Thi Bui. Her illustrated memoir is UC Santa Barbara’s…

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