Linda Adler-Kassner, Co-Chair Associate Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning; Professor of Writing Studies
Andy Satomi, Co-Chair Executive Director for Academic Information Technology and Space Management, Academic Affairs
Leesa Beck Director, Summer Sessions
Chris Kelsey Director, Facilities Management
Hal Pedersen Teaching Professor, Statistics and Applied Probability
Anthony Schmid Registrar
Hector Villicana Executive Director, Letters and Science IT
Natascha Cohen, Consultant Classroom Services Manager, Instructional Development
Todd Gillespie, Consultant Director of Operations, Instructional Development
Danny Harper, Consultant Collaborate Classrooms Manager, Letters and Science IT
Sarah Hong, Consultant Business Relationship Manager, Letters and Science IT
Jacob Ofilas, Consultant Director of Client Success, Letters and Science IT
Colin Smith, Consultant Collaborate Labs Manager, Letters and Science IT
Sean Woods, Consultant Curriculum and Scheduling Manager, Office of the Registrar
Anna Lin, Ex Officio Senior Facilities Requirements Analyst, Office of Budget & Planning