October 25, 2023

To:       Deans, Department Chairs, and Academic Department Business Officers
From:  David Marshall
           Executive Vice Chancellor

           Dana Mastro
           Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel
Re:      Submission Deadlines for New Faculty Appointment Cases

In order to ensure that new faculty appointments are processed and completed by the start of the fiscal and academic year, all appointment cases with a July 1st start date must be submitted from the Dean’s Office to the Office of Academic Personnel in AP Folio by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Appointment cases that are submitted by the May 15th deadline that are incomplete or require significant corrections will be returned to the Dean’s Office and will be considered late.

Cases that are submitted after the May 15th deadline will continue to be processed, but with a November 1st start date for Winter Quarter appointments or a March 1st start date for Spring Quarter appointments. Requests for retroactive start dates should not be submitted and are not likely to be approved. However, we understand that there may be rare exceptions, such as when an offer is declined and a department turns to another finalist on its list.

In order to support the successful transition to this new deadline, extension requests will be considered when supported by strong evidence and a clear justification. Any extension requests must be made in advance and in writing to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel and approved before submission. If the extension request is not approved, cases will be reviewed for the appropriate, subsequent effective date.

To be considered complete, cases must contain all of the relevant items as listed in Red Binder I-15 Documents to be Submitted by the Chair – Appointments.

To avoid delays in the appointment process, please:

  • Begin recruitment early in the academic year and manage the timing of candidate campus visits.
  • Monitor the status of recruitments and appointment cases within your college, school, division, or department.
  • When relevant, solicit a sufficient number of independent, external letters in advance so they will be available for departmental review in time for the appointment case to be submitted to the dean’s office by the deadline.
  • Note that there is no reason to confirm a candidate’s acceptance of a soft offer before submitting an appointment case. Final start-up commitments and even salaries can be revised in negotiations, if required, even if an appointment case has been submitted.

This deadline is required by the need to ensure adequate campus review of all appointment cases before the end of the academic year in which the search has been conducted. In many cases, departments are recruiting from or competing with campuses that are on the semester system and are ending their academic year in May. We also must observe deadlines and offer professional courtesies when recruiting faculty from other UC campuses. Thank you for your cooperation.