April 12, 2018

To: UCSB Academic Senate Members
From: David Marshall, Executive Vice Chancellor
Re: Innovative Learning Technology Initiative Competitions – 2018


I am pleased to invite UC ladder-rank faculty, LSOEs, and LPSOEs to submit proposals as Principal Investigators (PIs) for the campus Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) award competition, funding fully online and hybrid courses to be offered during the regular academic year. Unit 18 Continuing Lecturers may submit proposals in collaboration with Academic Senate PIs. ILTI courses employ innovative learning technologies to create engaging educational opportunities for UC students by helping them gain access to impacted courses, satisfy degree requirements, and graduate on time.

This RFP is limited to UCSB course proposals only. No specific award maximum has been set for the UCSB-only competition; the quality and number of submissions will determine the number and amount of campus awards. The deadline for submitting proposals to the campus competition is May 31, 2018, by 6:00 p.m.

Please note that either a system-wide ILTI award or campus-level award is permitted. System-wide awards take precedence over campus-level awards. If a PI submits a proposal to both the campus and system-wide competitions, the proposal awarded through the system-wide competition will not be eligible for funding through the campus competition.

Proposals for both hybrid course development and fully online courses will be accepted in this round. Proposals will be accepted for requests to support:

1) Transforming a face-to-face course to a hybrid or fully online course;

2) Transforming a hybrid course to a fully online course;

3) Developing an entirely new fully online or hybrid course.

Successful applicants must commit to offering the ILTI-funded courses five times over a five-year period. Fully online courses funded by the competition must be open to enrollment by students from across the UC system, while the hybrid courses funded must have their digitized components made available through a UC-hosted content management repository for any UC faculty who wish to use them in undergraduate courses.

Applicants are required to include a letter of support from their Department Chairs. Department Chairs must review the proposals with their Deans prior to providing a letter of support to the PI(s). Although the Deans will not evaluate the proposals in detail prior to their submission, Chairs should consult with their Deans on the proposed courses in the context of the department’s curricular plan. In addition, all ILTI-funded courses must be approved by the UCSB Academic Senate.

UCSB’s ILTI Coordinating Committee will evaluate the UCSB-only competition, and will make recommendations to me for awards.

For more information regarding the campus ILTI competition, please visit: https://evc.ucsb.edu/innovative.learning.technology.initiative/request.for.proposals/