March 20, 2019

To: Department Chairs and Directors
From: David Marshall
  Executive Vice Chancellor
Re: Call for Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship Nominations

The Dickson Emeriti Professorship is awarded on an annual basis for a term of one academic year to an emerita or emeritus faculty member. The funds associated with the Professorship may be used to support the research or creative activity, recall teaching appointment, or public service of the holder of the Professorship. This year, a stipend of $15,000 will be provided. Past Dickson Emeriti Professors have used this appointment to pursue research and creative projects, contribute to the curriculum, and pursue collaborations with faculty and students.

The departmental recommendation should explain the benefit that the proposed appointment would provide to the department, the campus, or University as a whole, as well as a detailed budget. Recommendations should be submitted to my office via the appropriate Dean’s office by April 30, 2019. Questions may be directed to Cindy Doherty at or x8332.

Thank you.

cc: Deans
  Departmental Business Officers