June 18, 2009

To:  The Campus Community
From: Gene Lucas
  Executive Vice Chancellor
Re: Proposed system-wide salary reduction/furlough plan


As I am sure you are aware, the University of California is facing severe State funding reductions. While significant budget reduction measures have already taken place, further reductions will be required for the upcoming year. To put this in to some perspective we are anticipating a budget reduction for the UC Santa Barbara campus for 2009-10 that is of the order of $40 million, which is two and a half times as large as the budget reduction we have just taken in 2008-09. The magnitude of this budget cut on the heels of multiple years of budget reduction is so large that a system-wide salary reduction/furlough plan has been rendered necessary as one part of a multi-part solution to close the budgetary gap.

Attached is a document from the Office of the President that outlines the three salary reduction strategies that are currently being considered for system-wide implementation. The document is also posted here http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/news/general/0906-reduction_info.pdf
As part of the consultative process and to assist in the campus response to the proposals, you are invited to submit comments by June 30 as follows:

Comments from staff employees may be submitted to Cynthia Cronk, Human Resources Director at Cynthia.cronk@hr.ucsb.edu

Comments from academic employees may be submitted to Cindy Ponce, Academic Personnel Director at cindy.ponce@ap.ucsb.edu

We will aggregate and transmit these comments to the Office of the President to assist the President in deciding on a course of action that he will ultimate take to the Board of Regents. I appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continue to work through these very difficult budgetary times.