January 15, 2013

To: The Campus Community
From: Gene Lucas, Executive Vice Chancellor
Re: Executive Director, Office of Educational Partnerships


Following a national search, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Mario Castellanos as the Executive Director of the Office of Educational Partnerships, effective immediately. I want to thank the Search Advisory Committee, whose membership is listed below, for their efforts and energy in such a successful search.

Mario has served as the Acting Director of this office since May 2012. He came to the Office in March 2011 as the MESA Programs Director, and has served in that capacity up until the present as well. Mario attended Lompoc High School and participated in the UCSB Upward bound Program, where he gained an interest in pursuing a science degree in college. Mario went on to receive his BS degree in Biology from UCLA, and he is pursuing through George Mason University an MS degree in Environmental Science and Policy, which he anticipates completing this year. During his time at UCLA, he was given internship opportunities in laboratories and field research projects in Mexico and Chile. Additionally, he participated in outreach programs at local school and career fairs. He subsequently served for seven years as a Program Director and 1.5 as a project coordinator at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, where he spearheaded a National Science Foundation initiative to encourage disadvantaged students (K-12) to pursue science careers through the use of education activities and mentoring. Before coming to UCSB he served three years as the Executive Director of the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center in efforts to increase STEM opportunities for first-generation college-going students.

Mario not only brings this rich background and experience in outreach and academic preparation activities, but he has a well-demonstrated set of skills in interpersonal relations and administration that makes him an ideal choice for this position. Please join me in welcoming Mario Castellanos as the new Executive Director of the Office of Educational Partnerships.

Search Advisory Committee

Glenn Beltz (Chair), Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Richard Duran, Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Christopher Dixon, Director Financial Support and Business Operations, Graduate Division

Dorothy Pak, Project Scientist, Marine Science Institute

Ofelia Aguirre, CSEP Director, California Nanosystems Institute

Laura Romo, Director, Chicano Studies Institute

Julie Carlson, Professor, English

Petra van Koppen, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

Ricardo Alcaino (ex officio), Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment

Nora Crutcher (staff), Office Manager, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor