February 25, 2016

To: The Campus Community
From: David Marshall, Executive Vice Chancellor
Re: Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance Reorganization


Over the past several years, we have seen a significant increase in the responsibilities and workload of the Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance. This office is responsible for the University's compliance with Federal and State laws and University policies and procedures for students, staff, and faculty regarding discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. It also works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and excellence through diversity on campus.

The University of California Office of the President has established new standards and protocols that determine how we respond to, investigate, and adjudicate allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. New legislation, as well as new regulations and guidance from the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, have increased national attention to these issues; and new educational efforts and greater public awareness have increased the number of cases that are reported and investigated. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract and Compliance Programs has introduced new regulations that we must now observe in our role as a Federal Contractor. As we increase our level of faculty recruitment, we need to be sure that we comply with both existing and new legislation and guidelines, as well as UC and campus policies and procedures. For these reasons, after consultation with faculty and administrative colleagues, we have decided to create two distinct units with two Directors within the Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance.

Effective immediately, Ricardo Alcaíno will serve as the Director of the Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Prevention Office. This office will direct activities related to the prevention and mitigation of discrimination, and oversee Affirmative Action policies and the UCSB Affirmative Action Plan. Ricardo has been in his current position since September 2007, having previously served as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Employment Practices at CSU Monterey Bay and as Equity and Diversity Manager at the City of Santa Cruz.

Ariana Alvarez will serve as Title IX Officer and Director of Sexual Harassment Prevention for the Title IX & Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance Office. She will oversee campus activities designed to implement, expand on, and ensure full compliance with Title IX of the Federal code. In addition, she is responsible for campus compliance with State and local laws related to sexual harassment prevention at UCSB. Associate Director and Sexual Harassment Officer for the past five years, Ariana previously served as the Senior EEO Investigator and Sexual Harassment Officer, and before coming to UCSB she was EEO Manager for the County of Santa Barbara.

I am grateful to Ricardo Alcaíno and Ariana Alvarez for their ongoing leadership and service to the university and I am confident that in these refocused roles, working with their colleagues in the reconfigured Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance, they will be better able to oversee compliance with and implementation of policies, practices, and protocols that are crucial to our campus workplace, culture, and academic mission. They will continue to collaborate with their colleagues in Academic Personnel, Student Affairs, Administrative Services, and related offices, as well as the UC Office of the President, which also have important responsibilities in these areas.

Thank you.