October 28, 2020

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team  



Dear Colleagues,
This week’s message from the IS team:

UCSB Academic Senate Guidance for Faculty During COVID-19
The Academic Senate now has a comprehensive page with faculty resources for COVID-19. The page includes policies, updates, and frequently asked questions/answers.

GauchoCast (Panopto) Upgrade and Maintenance:  On Saturday, Dec 19 2020, Panopto Cloud will be updated with the latest features and improvements. These updates will require downtime. They expect up to 3 hours of downtime, with a target start time of 9:00 pm EST/6:00 pm PST. They will confirm the start time and duration of the downtime on Tuesday, November 24.

GauchoSpace Grade Forecast Report
Once your gradebook in GauchoSpace is set up with each of your categories or assessments, it can be helpful to enable the Grade Forecast Report in your gradebook settings. This will allow students to enter anticipated (or desired) grades on upcoming activities to forecast how that will impact their final grade, ultimately giving them a better sense of how well they are currently doing in the course.

Zoom Self-Select Breakout Rooms
Zoom 5.3.1 allows meeting attendees to choose their own breakout rooms. To use this feature, both the host and the participants must have updated their zoom versions to 5.3.0 or newer. If students aren’t able to choose breakout rooms, you can still manually assign them to a room.
Did you know that Zoom also includes an “Ask for Help” button for attendees in breakout rooms? Try encouraging students to use this button to invite you into their breakout room.

We’ll be back next week!

The Instructional Support Team