January 20, 2021

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team    


The Instructional Support Team brings you two updates for the week:


Survey for Latest GauchoSpace Update 

Take a moment and give us some feedback on the most recent GauchoSpace update by completing this very brief survey. Your feedback will help the GauchoSpace Team to continue to make improvements.


Zoom Live Transcripts (/Closed Captioning) Now Available

Effective immediately, any UCSB Zoom user can enable live computer-generated transcription for meetings and webinars in Zoom Settings under “In Meeting (Advanced)-->Closed captioning.” Users should toggle the switch to “on” and check the box that says “Enable live transcription services to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting.” Zoom will then automatically display subtitles to all participants who join from a Zoom account. Participants can then choose to hide subtitles or to view the additional full transcript.


The Zoom live transcription service uses automatic speech recognition software, so names and other words may not be displayed correctly, and accents may produce less accurate results. We estimate the auto-generated subtitles to be over 80% accurate. If your event requires over 99% accuracy, please consult the UCSB Disabled Students Program for additional solutions.  Enabling this live transcription service will provide more inclusive options for subtitle and full transcript services for our campus community. 


To learn more about live captioning and transcription, please visit https://www.it.ucsb.edu/zoom/zoom-live-transcription.

We’ll be back with more next week.

The Instructional Support Team