December 27, 2021

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During the two-week transitional period of remote instruction at the beginning of Winter Quarter, instructors teaching courses that depend on in-person instruction, such as dance and art courses, or lab activities that cannot be restructured or rescheduled, may request permission to continue to meet in person. Requests regarding undergraduate instruction should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education at and regarding graduate instruction to the Graduate Division office at as soon as possible.

However, instructors need to make arrangements for students, including Teaching Assistants, who elect to delay their return to campus or who may not be allowed to attend due to COVID-19 protocols. If approval for in-person instruction is granted, it will be important to directly contact students enrolled in the course to inform them of the plans and to determine who is able to attend. Instructors must be prepared to make accommodations for students who are unable to attend the class due to COVID-related reasons, including delays in traveling back to campus and required sequestration. In addition, all courses that are granted exemptions will be required to strictly follow expanded campus masking, testing, and other mitigation protocols.

Please be aware that other memos concerning issues related to the first two weeks of the Winter Quarter will follow in the next couple of days. Thank you.

David Marshall
Executive Vice Chancellor

Michael Miller
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Susannah Scott
Academic Senate Divisional Chair

Leila Rupp
Interim Graduate Dean