December 27, 2021

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team

The Instructional Support Team is here to help as we prepare for Winter quarter! December 27’s update:

Need Help?
Contact for help with instructional technology (e.g. GauchoSpace, GauchoCast, Zoom). Complete this Google form if you would like to discuss your course design or teaching. 

Campus is closed December 30-31, but we will do our best to monitor questions and requests during that time; support will be available during working hours December 27-29, as well.

How do I teach Remotely?
As a reminder, KeepTeaching has all the latest information and many tutorials and help pages. KT also has resources for creating your syllabus, building community, TA Resources and more. 

Using Zoom LTI Pro in GauchoSpace: Follow the steps here to use the Zoom LTI Pro activity in GauchoSpace to schedule all of your course Zoom meetings in one place. 

Course Crashing in GauchoSpace: To open your course for course crashing follow the options here

Remote Teaching from Your Assigned Classroom
Campus classrooms equipped for synchronous streaming will be available for faculty and TAs who would like to Zoom/stream their courses from campus. As a reminder, if you are teaching (or your TAs holding sections) synchronously, you should do so at the time your class is scheduled.

Please contact to learn if your assigned classroom has this capacity and to confirm your need for equipment. Effective January 3rd, The Classroom Services Media Equipment Office in Kerr Hall 1160 will be open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. If you are teaching an 8 AM class on January 3rd and believe you need equipment, please contact so the Classroom Services Staff can make arrangements to support you.

Message about Performance/Lab Courses from EVC Marshall, Senate Chair Scott, UG Ed AVC Miller, and Graduate Div Dean Rupp (distributed by EVC’s Office, 12/27)
During the two-week transitional period of remote instruction at the beginning of Winter Quarter, instructors teaching courses that depend on in-person instruction, such as dance and art courses, or lab activities that cannot be restructured or rescheduled, may request permission to continue to meet in person. Requests regarding undergraduate instruction should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education at and regarding graduate instruction to the Graduate Division office at as soon as possible. 

However, instructors need to make arrangements for students, including Teaching Assistants, who elect to delay their return to campus or who may not be allowed to attend due to COVID-19 protocols. If approval for in-person instruction is granted, it will be important to directly contact students enrolled in the course to inform them of the plans and to determine who is able to attend. [An IS Team Reminder: you can do this via the GauchoSpace welcome message.] Instructors must be prepared to make accommodations for students who are unable to attend the class due to COVID-related reasons, including delays in traveling back to campus and required sequestration. In addition, all courses that are granted exemptions will be required to strictly follow expanded campus masking, testing, and other mitigation protocols.

We’ll be back with more through the week!

The Instructional Support Team
CITRAL, Instructional Development, and LSIT/Collaborate