December 29, 2021

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team

Before the New Year’s long weekend, a few important reminders from the Instructional Support Team. A reminder that Thursday and Friday are university holidays, so the IS team may not be able to respond to all inquiries during that time.

Remember to let students know how to access your course before the first meeting! 

Use the GauchoSpace welcome message to welcome students to the course, let them know what to expect, and let them know how the course will meet:

As a reminder: If the course has sections, create separate Zoom links on GauchoSpace for each TA’s section(s) and let students know which Zoom link to use to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions (winter temporary remote instruction edition):

How do I import GauchoSpace courses created before Winter 2022 (that are now archived)? 

  • To import materials from courses prior to Winter 2022 please follow the steps here. (Note that this procedure differs from traditional importing steps).

Do I need to create separate Zoom LTI Pro links for each class meeting?

  • No! One Zoom LTI activity will house all of your class Zoom meetings, if additional Zoom LTI activities are added to the course they will list all of the same meeting, more information can be found here.

Can I get help setting up my GauchoSpace site?

How do I open my course for Course Crashing?

  • To open your course for course crashing follow the options here. 

Can I teach my remote class from my assigned classroom?

  • Yes! Please contact to confirm your need for equipment and to verify that your classroom can support your needs.

How can I pick up equipment needed for my course?

  • Please visit the Classroom Services Media Equipment Office in Kerr Hall 1160 to pick up equipment and talk about specific needs, or email The office is open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. If you need equipment for a class that meets Monday at 8am, email

As we enter this (brief) period of remote instruction, check out these six tips for Starting your Remote Teaching off Right.

The IS Team wishes everyone a peaceful new year and best wishes for 2022!