February 3, 2022

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team

This week’s message provides resources for different modes of instruction, attendance, and quizzes. 

As a reminder, per the 1/26/22 EVC/Senate memo on Winter quarter instruction, no TA or faculty member is required to teach dual-mode.

If you have students who would like to join your in-person course remotely, and you are willing to accommodate them, you have two options:

  1. Record your lecture: You can record your lecture using the Panopto software. Panopto is  available on all general assignment classroom computers for upload to GauchoSpace for asynchronous viewing. Instructors who plan to use Panopto in College of Letters and Science departmental (non GA) classrooms should send a notice to help@collaborate.ucsb.edu to verify that the classroom has the proper capability.  

    Using Panopto is is fairly straightforward, technologically, and gives students flexibility for when to view the lecture. Since remote students can’t ask questions live, consider adding a GauchoSpace forum to allow students to ask and answer questions.
  2. Teach the course “dual-mode” (both live and online, simultaneously). If you are interested in this option, contact help@id.ucsb.edu for information.  Dual-mode teaching can make your course more accessible to students, but requires careful planning, comfort with relevant technologies, and the ability to engage two unique populations of students simultaneously. 

    Basic dual-mode set-up: Start a Zoom session from the computer that is connected to the projector (this can be either the lectern computer connected to the projector, or a laptop that you bring to class).  Then, share your screen and launch your presentation. Ensure that the computer has a microphone to transmit sound to the remote students. The wireless classroom microphones will not work with laptops. If you are using your own laptop, please check that it has a built-in microphone and camera (if video is desired) or contact help@id.ucsb.edu to request a laptop-compatible mic.  If you want to record your dual-mode lecture, present from your laptop, as there is insufficient time between classes for Zoom recording to process on the lectern computer and recordings may be lost.  Consider asking a TA or a volunteer student to monitor the chat and convey questions and contributions from remote participants.

Giving credit for synchronous and asynchronous attendance? If you are tracking attendance or participation in GauchoSpace for students participating either synchronously or asynchronously and need assistance incorporating two different grading options in the gradebook please reach out to help@collaborate.ucsb.edu for assistance.

Quizzes in GauchoSpace: It is best practice when giving a quiz in GauchoSpace to use a wide open and close time with a shorter attempt time limit set. Synchronous high stakes quiz setups are not recommended. If you have questions or concerns about your quiz settings please email help@collaborate.ucsb.edu

Help with Classroom Technology
Due to limited staffing, the Classroom Services Office is operating under reduced hours. 

Classroom Services Office hours are:  
Monday - Wednesday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday - Friday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

If you need to pick up equipment or need additional assistance please contact help@id.ucsb.edu or visit the office during our front desk hours. Please note ID staff may not be able to respond to requests for help from the classroom immediately due to limited staffing, as well.