October 10, 2016

To: Deans, Department Chairs, Faculty, and other Academic Employees (via SBFACU-L, SBCHR-L, SBNSF-L, SBNSACAD-L, and SBNSOTHER-L)
From: David Marshall, Executive Vice Chancellor
  Alison Butler, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel
Re: Family Friendly Policies and Resources


As the academic year begins, and many new faculty and other academic employees arrive on campus, we want to be sure that everyone is aware of the “family friendly” resources available and the various Academic Personnel policies that govern relevant leaves and accommodations. A list of resources is available on the Academic Personnel web site and may be accessed directly at:

Please see this link for a list of Family Friendly Resources:


     Family Accommodations for Childbearing and Childrearing (APM 760)

     Stopping the Tenure Clock for Care of a Child or Children (APM 133-17-h)

     Family and Medical Leave (APM 715) Sick Leave (APM 710)

     Summary of Family Friendly Policies

     Campus Services and Resources for Families

The “Family Friendly Policies for Faculty” brochure also can be accessed here: http://diversity.evc.ucsb.edu/resources/faculty.worklife.resources/family.friendly.brochere.pdf

Accommodations for Active Service-Modified Duties, which “shall be granted on request to any academic appointee who is responsible for 50 percent or more of the care of an infant for the period before and/or immediately following a birth, or adoption of a child under age five, in order that the parent can prepare and/or care for the infant or young child” (Red Binder VI-5) can vary according to individual circumstances. For this reason, faculty should consult with their chairs, and chairs should consult with their deans, to determine the most suitable arrangements. The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor provides course replacement funds to departments with Senate faculty on Active ServiceModified Duties status.


Thank you.