On Behalf of the Instructional Support Team - Update - June 17

June 17, 2020

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional support team
Dear Colleagues,

Spring quarter is completed, but the Instructional Support Team is still here for you! Here are our pre-Summer Sessions updates.

Reimagining Instruction for the Student Experience (RISE) Institute
July 6-August 7.  Applications are due this Friday, JUNE 19. 
See the RISE Call for Applications for more information. 
Click here for RISE Intro video.

Video Services Studio - Available for Recording

Studio A in Kerr Hall is available for recording course content for Summer and Fall. This includes both the LearningGlass for recording boardwork, and high definition video recording of class presentation materials. The booking schedule is quite full already, so please contact Juan Espinoza <juan_espinoza@ucsb.edu> to find available times and schedule well in advance.

Equipment Available for Summer from Media Equipment

Media Equipment in Kerr Hall has a stock of document cameras, webcams, headset microphones, and a smaller number of laptops and iPads available to loan for faculty, teaching associates and teaching assistants for the summer.  Please contact Brendan Miles <brendanmiles@ucsb.edu> for availability and to arrange a pickup time.

Summer GauchoSpace Additions (available after noon on Friday June 19th)

H5P - This is a rich instructional content creation platform that has many different content types, these can be built and used in GauchoSpace, more information can be found here. For a full list of H5P content types click here.

Zoom LTI Pro - This new Zoom integration tool allows for all Zoom class meetings to be stored in one activity and has better reporting capabilities than the ordinary Zoom activity in GauchoSpace. Information about this tool can be found here

GauchoCast Embed via Text Editor - This new text editor option allows you to select a video from your course’s GauchoCast folder to embed directly into the activity or resource. More information can be found here.

Upcoming GauchoSpace and GauchoCast Upgrade Outages:

GauchoSpace End-of-Quarter Maintenance - Friday, June 19th from 7:00 am to 11:00 am PDT. GauchoSpace will be unavailable for end-of-quarter updates and maintenance. New enhancements include H5P, a resource for creating rich interactive content, as well as a new, simplified integration for Zoom and an improved integration for GauchoCast. Find out more here.

GauchoCast Upgrade and Maintenance Outage - On Saturday, June 27, Panopto will be performing a scheduled upgrade to their cloud service. While an exact time and duration of the expected service downtime were not announced, the final announcement will be out on Friday, June 9. See the included link for information of what to expect: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Cloud-Upgrade-FAQ

You can schedule individual consultations with Lisa Berry (lisa_berry@ucsb.edu), Mindy Colin (mcolin@ucsb.edu), Linda Adler-Kassner (ladler@ucsb.edu), or Maggie Safronova (m_safronova@ucsb.edu), too!