November 5, 2021

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The following is being sent on behalf of the Instructional Support Team

Dear Colleagues,
As we head into week 6, a few updates from the Instructional Support Team:

Looking to build your Winter 2022 course?
Log in to GauchoSpace Pelican to build or import your course. GauchoSpace Pelican is an updated server that will house Winter 2022 courses. Courses from quarters prior to Winter 2022 will be available on an archived server, which will be called GauchoSpace Lagoon. The login button for Pelican is in the UCSB Site Creator block on your GauchoSpace homepage. More information can be found here.

Quizzes in GauchoSpace: It is best practice when giving a quiz in GauchoSpace to use a wide open and close time with a shorter attempt time limit set. Synchronous high stakes quiz setups are not recommended. If you have questions or concerns about your quiz settings please email

GauchoCast: Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using and viewing GauchoCast recordings. There are known issues with the Safari browser.

Upgraded Gradescope Scanning Capabilities:  If you are giving paper-based Gradescope exams of any kind, Instructional Development has upgraded scanning equipment for that. There are now two high speed, duplex image scanners and an industrial paper cutter (~400 sheets at a time capacity) available by reservation in Kerr Hall 1124. The paper cutter allows you to cut the stapled corners off your exams prior to scanning much more efficiently. The scanners can scan up to 84 sheets per minute, scanning both sides at the same time and storing them all in a single pdf file for upload to Gracescope. To make an appointment, email

Update on General Assignment Classrooms:  The technical issues in Chem 1179, Broida 1640, HFH 1104, North Hall 1006, and IV Theater 1 have been resolved for the past two weeks. We have arranged with the Registrar to use BioEngineering 1001 as a temporary surge space for the rest of Fall quarter to allow us to temporarily move classes for a day to let us replace failed AV controllers in the 26 rooms that have the dual analog and digital controllers. We have also deployed temporary HDMI A/B switches to those rooms in advance of the replacement to allow use of the lectern computer, or faculty laptops, to use the projector. Thank you for your patience as we work through the fall to execute this replacement plan.

We’ll be back soon with more news!

The Instructional Support Team