There is a waitlist for Academic Senate faculty (Professor series and Lecturer SOE series) who wish to purchase campus housing at West Campus Point or Ocean Walk.

Faculty are placed on the waitlist when their initial appointment is approved (or in some cases at the time of a formal retention action). Placement on the waitlist is determined according to the date that the offer (or retention commitment) is extended. There is no preferential or exceptional placement on the waitlist.

Although faculty are placed on the waitlist based on the date of their appointment or retention, the timing of an opportunity to purchase a home will vary, depending on their housing preferences and their decision to purchase at a given time. 

Faculty on the waitlist may indicate an exclusive preference for either Ocean Walk at North Campus or West Campus Point, the type of home (townhouse, single family home, new construction, etc.), the number of bedrooms, and/or other criteria. If they choose to specify a preference, they will be offered an opportunity to purchase only units that are consistent with their chosen preferences. They will not be offered available units that are not consistent with their preferences.

Although the waitlist is sequential, one’s numerical place on the list does not necessarily indicate how long it will take to be offered an opportunity to purchase a home. Because faculty on the list will not be offered an opportunity to purchase an available home if it is in a category they had declined, and because some faculty may pass on the opportunity, it is difficult to predict when someone will be offered a chance to purchase based solely on their number on the waitlist. Someone towards the bottom of the waitlist could be offered an opportunity to purchase much sooner than their number would suggest. 

Faculty are offered a maximum of two opportunities to purchase units.  If two opportunities to purchase are declined, the individual will be removed from the waitlist but will remain eligible to purchase under the appropriate secondary pool, described below.

Faculty on the waitlist are removed if they: 1) purchase in University-subsidized housing, 2) purchase a home on the private market, 3) ask to be removed, or 4) turn down two opportunities to purchase homes that fit their pre-stated preferences and ability to purchase.  Once removed from the list, faculty may remain eligible to purchase through the appropriate secondary priority pools noted below.

Faculty who indicate a desire to purchase but are unable to qualify for a loan will be allowed to stay on the list. However, they are required to go through the pre-qualification process to verify their ability to qualify.

Faculty who are on approved leaves and therefore not in residence in Santa Barbara will be given the option to be placed “on hold” for the period of the leave. During the hold period, the faculty member will not be offered an option to purchase.

Two faculty who are both offered new positions and share a household are given a single shared spot on the waitlist. Placement will be based on the earlier of the two offer dates.

If the waitlist is exhausted, opportunities to purchase will be offered to a secondary pool in the following sequence:

  • Pool 1:    Senate Faculty not on the waitlist list who are currently renters.
  • Pool 2:    Senate Faculty not on the waitlist who own housing that is unsatisfactory due to location or other reasons.    
  • Pool 3:    Non-Senate Academic employees who rent.
  • Pool 4:    Non-Senate Academic employees who own housing that is unsatisfactory due to location or other reasons.
  • Pool 5:    Staff employees who rent.
  • Pool 6:    Staff employees who own housing that is unsatisfactory due to location or other reasons.

If the waitlist has been exhausted and units remain unsold, a call will be issued to all employees in the next priority pool. Eligible employees expressing interest will be randomly ordered within the appropriate priority pool. Only employees in positions that include full benefits are eligible to be placed in the pools. Prioritization within pools 1 through 4 will be determined by random assignment. Placement procedures for Pools 5 and 6 will be established when Pools1 through 4 have been exhausted. Once placed in a pool, employees remain in the pool unless they ask to be removed.

For more information about the sales process, please contact Rose Peterson at rosemary.peterson@ucsb.edu or Blake Cardoza at blakescardoza@ucsb.edu in the Community Housing Authority office. 

For more information about the waitlist process, please contact Lia Cabello at lia.cabello@ucsb.edu or Mira Lázaro at mslaza@ucsb.edu in the Academic Personnel office. 

Sierra Madre Rental Housing

All non-tenured Academic Senate faculty hires (Assistant Professor, Lecturer PLSOE) are eligible to be placed on the waitlist for faculty rental housing at the time of their hire. Availability is currently very limited.

Individuals will be offered a unit based on their spot on the waitlist and the availability of units. Priority is given to Assistant Professors and Lecturer PSOE. Placement of higher-ranking faculty on the list will require approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel.