Charge from the EVC

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Vice Chancellor convened a workgroup in May 2020 to conduct a review of the availability and suitability of our campus instructional spaces, including but not limited to General Assignment Classrooms. 

The group was asked to determine:

  • Revised room occupancies based on maintaining 6 feet physical distancing
  • The suitability of existing room ventilation and airflow and if modifications were possible
  • Path of travel and room entry/exit options to ensure proper spacing, designated one-way stairway and corridor traffic, etc.
  • The viability of spacing out class times, which would allow for the ventilation system to make additional air changes and possible cleaning in between classes
  • Recommendations for cleaning frequency
  • Wireless eduroam coverage is adequate to provide robust network connections for accessing online instructional materials

 The group was also asked to identify available spaces for Remote Learning and Study Space including:

  • Identifying smaller classrooms (less than 300 square feet) to be used as student learning and study space
  • Considering promoting outdoor spaces - expediting the expansion of outdoor wireless coverage
  • Considering how students can access available study spaces

Workgroup Members

Andy Satomi, Convener Director of Space Planning and Management, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
Ed Blaschke Assistant Dean for Space and Building Construction, L&S
Frank Castanha Assistant Dean for Building Construction & Space Management, Engineering
Julie Cunningham Assistant Dean for Space Planning and Management, L&S
David Kujan Building Operations Manager & Project Coordinator, Library
David McHale Interim Director, Environmental Health and Safety
George Michaels Executive Director, Instructional Development
Ben Price Director & Associate CIO, Administrative & Residential IT, Housing, Dining & Aux Ent. 
Jordan Sager Assistant Director, Energy and Engineering, Facilities Management
Byron Sandoval Senior Superintendent, Custodial Services, Facilities Management
Anthony Schmid University Registrar, Office of the Registrar