Welcome to Write to Unite: Spaces for Community and Productivity at UCSB! Write to Unite creates new arenas in which to build faculty community at UCSB. This program provides spaces, resources, and tools to increase scholarly writing and research productivity; facilitates cross-disciplinary peer and informal mentoring relationships; and contributes to faculty retention through greater sense of belonging and success. All ladder faculty – especially Assistant Professors and new faculty to UCSB – are encouraged to participate in the W2U activities. You can participate in W2U in two ways:




  1. W2U Ladder Faculty Cohort
    We will recruit one interdisciplinary cohort of ladder rank faculty participants during each of the 22-23 and 23-24 academic years, each of which will include about 20 members. Cohort members will be invited to participate in all W2U activities, in addition to a reserved spot at the annual W2U 3-day writing retreat, and consultations with writing experts during and after the retreat. Applicants should only apply if they are reasonably available for the majority of activities, although participants will not be required to attend everything.
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  2. All UCSB faculty and lecturers are eligible to participate in the following W2U activities:
    • Write on Site (WoS) sessions
    • Writing workshops
    • Writing retreats

Photo of eleven people in a conference room in various conversation.
Photo by Barbara Endemaño Walker

Writing Retreats

Write to Unite is sponsored by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, the Chicano Studies Institute, the Office of Research, and the UC Office of the President Advancing Faculty Diversity program.